About Us


Since thousand of years, the demand for precious metals and love of Art has never stop. In last decade, the demand for both has increase tremendously globally.

Illume was established to combine the best of two Worlds: precious metals and beauty of Art. Illume's concept is very simple, to forge the work of passion by well-known artists and designers into precious metals, for the preservation and appreciation by generations to come.


Illume will continue collaborate with famous artists and designers in creating limited collections of Art masterpiece.


Mr. Martin Pauli, a well-known talented watchmaker, is the founder of Angular Momentum. His independent watch making company has won the attention of society in very short span of time. He skillful of age-old tradition of handmade (gliding on glass, engraving on silver, gold, pearl, porcelain, and etc) has become a true art of work.

[how japanese (asian) culture has influenced his designs]
[how his art pieces extends beyond watches]

His Patented (Patent No : CH686988) Revolving-Disk-System invention has bring a new sensational way of reading the time.
[more info on how his invention has changed traditional time reading timepieces]
[reference pictures and media coverage to increase his credibility]